Are you interested in moving upward in your Association journey by serving on the VDHA Board of Trustees or as a Delegate?

WE NEED YOU! Nominations are NOW OPEN! 

The following elected positions are available for 2024-2025:

1.     President-Elect

2.     Vice-President (1 year term)

3.     Recording Secretary (1 year term)

4.     Alternate Speaker of the House (1 year term)

6.      ADHA Delegate and Alternate Delegate (5 elected, 1 year term- Meeting obligations begin in October 2024 and will go through October 2025)

7. VDHA Foundation Recording Secretary (2 year term)

To indicate your interest in one of these positions, please submit this completed form no later than July  24, 2024

Questions, please contact Heather Tuthill, MPH, RDH, Nominations Committee Chair 

Thank you for your membership! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you RISE UP!


Open Elected Positions: Roles and Responsibilities



  • The Office of President Elect serves as a training period for the office of President. Work with the President in assuming new role by attending all EB meetings, general meetings and conferences for VDHA members. Receive copies of official correspondence promptly, is kept informed of all Association activity.
  • Serve as Chair of the Administrative Council.
  • Serve as EB chair in absence of the President.
  • Voting member of EB.
  • Serve as voting member of the Budget and Finance Committee.
  • Serves as VDHA First Alternate Delegate to the ADHA HOD.
  • Serves on the Executive Committee.
  • Serves as member of the Regulation and Practice Committee.
  • Serve as moderator for the Candidate’s Forum at VDHA HOD.



    • Acquire a working knowledge of the VDHA Bylaws, Procedure Manual and Policy Manual for all assigned duties and responsibilities. Acquire a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure and an understanding of the ADHA Bylaws.
    • Represents VDHA in the absence of the President.
    • Open and maintain lines of communications with the VDA and the VDAA in conjunction with VDHA President.
    • Prepares Admin. Council quarterly reports for each EB meeting and Annual Report for HOD.
    • The President Elect, working with the President and Vice President, shall be responsible for maintaining an (18) eighteen-month planning calendar for VDHA. Update the calendar with dates and events as they become available.
    • Sets dates and locations of EB meetings and reports them quarterly for review to be included in the Admin Council report.
    • Submits to Newsletter Editor for inclusion in the next issue published and submits for posting on the VDHA website.
    • Select Standing and Special Committee Chairs and all appointed positions 3 to 4 months prior to the VDHA HOD. Present these names for approval by the VDHA EB at the Post HOD EB meeting,
    • Provide input to the Nominations Committee to fill the nominations slate of Executive Board officers for the coming year if desired.
    • Selects installing Officer for the third HOD. The installing officer or the President Elect will make arrangements for the Installation. Notifies the Ways and Means Committee Chair of details.
    • Prepares President’s Address to the Association to be presented at Installation during the third HOD and submits edited copy for inclusion in The Virginia Curet.
    • Prepares agenda for first EB meeting upon becoming President (post-HOD EB meeting).
    • Review VDHA website monthly and submit changes to OMG.
    • Maintain a document of email addresses for elected positions, council chairs and membership committee chair. Document is to be placed in Dropbox and updated accordingly.
    • Prior to the VDHA HOD Session - Sends a form to component Trustees for completion and return, listing component officers and committee Chairs. Compiles the list for the Recording Secretary to be included in Post HOD Session EB mailing. Updates ADHA Compliance Portal, as needed.
    • After the Post HOD Executive Board Meeting, file the VDHA Executive Board list electronically to ADHA. The report can be found on the ADHA website under resources, copy DIII Trustee and send a separate e-mail with the list to VA BOD Ex Sec.
    • Following the VDHA HOD Session - Prepares a list of VDHA Officers, Trustees, and Newsletter, Committee/Council Chairs and Component officers for distribution following the Fall HOD meeting.

    Vice President:


    • Serve as voting member of the Administrative Council.
    • Serves on the Executive Committee.
    • Serves, as needed, on B&F Committee to review event contracts.
    • Serves as Chair of the Procedures Committee.
    • Voting member of EB.


    • Acquire a working knowledge of the VDHA and ADHA Bylaws, Procedure Manual and Policy Manual for all assigned duties and responsibilities. Acquire a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure.
    • Arrange meeting rooms, sleeping rooms and meals scheduled in conjunction with meetings for EB, and any special meetings requested by the President or EB.
    • Consult with President and or Planning and Development Council Chair for details of meetings.

    Recording Secretary:


    • Serve as voting member of the Administrative Council.
    • Records the minutes for Ad Council meetings.
    • Voting member of EB.
    • Records the minutes for EB meetings.
    • Serves as Secretary of the HOD in the absence of an appointed/contracted secretary.
    • Serves on the Bylaws, Resolutions and Policy Committee to review minutes of the Executive Board meetings for any resolutions that were not included in Annual Reports that should be considered by the HOD.


    • Acquire a working knowledge of the VDHA and ADHA Bylaws, Procedure Manual and Policy Manual for all assigned duties and responsibilities. Acquire a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure.
    • Compile and update the VDHA Executive Board email and phone list This list should include all Council/Committee chairs and appointed positions, and should be distributed to all parties and placed in dropbox.
    • Places all approved (by VDHA President) material in Dropbox as requested.
    • Records attendance at all EB meetings and certifies a quorum present at the EB meetings.
    • Provides presiding officer with exact wording of pending motion or one previously acted upon.
    • Send minutes to all EB members and any other individuals as specified by the President within two weeks following EB meeting. 
    • Announce deadlines for submission of reports for next EB meeting, newsletter deadline, future meeting dates, etc.
    • Receive reports from trustees and council chairs prior to Executive Board Meetings by the established deadline, placing all reports in Dropbox ten days prior to meeting.
    • Record a list of all EB actions made at the EB meetings.  List a numerical summary of all EB actions at the end of the year. Begin each year’s actions with the Post HOD EB meeting and end with the Pre-HOD EB Meeting actions of the following year. Submit a listing of all EB actions and resolutions throughout the year as the Annual Report of the EB to the HOD Chair for inclusion in the HOD Manual by the requested deadline.
    • Any Bylaws or Policy changes from the HOD needs to be given to the Bylaws, Resolutions and Policy Chair
    • Maintains and preserves files and records of the organization.
    • Provide the EB actions of the Pre-HOD meeting as directed by the HOD Chair prior to the meeting of the HOD at the Delegates Briefing.
    • Distribute the minutes of the Pre-HOD meeting at the Post-HOD meeting.
    • Update the Executive Board Actions Manual to include the past year’s Actions. 

    Alternate Speaker of the House of Delegates


    Serves as ex-officio, non-voting member of EB.

    Serves as a voting member of the Administrative Council.

    Serves as member of the Standing Rules Committee

    Serves as Sergeant-at-Arms and

    Serves as chair of Credentials Committee of the HOD. Refer to “HOD Committee” section for specific procedures.

    Serves as a member of Planning and Development /HOD Council


    • Acquire a working knowledge of the VDHA and ADHA Bylaws, Procedure Manual and Policy Manual for all assigned duties and responsibilities. Acquire a working knowledge of parliamentary procedure.
    • The Alternate Speaker shall assume the role and responsibility of the Speaker in the event of a vacancy in the office or if the Speaker is unable to attend the HOD meetings and Executive Board meetings.
    • The Alternate Speaker must work closely with the Speaker to be prepared to assume the position at any time necessary.
    • Along with the House of Delegates Chair, the Alternate Speaker will mentor the HOD pages and will review with them their duties during HOD session. 
    • May appoint aides who are not Delegates or Alternate Delegates to assist in any manner necessary.
    • Obtain May (or five months prior to HOD) Alpha roster from ADHA to determine the number of delegates eligible for each component prior to sending credential forms to components.
    • Send credential forms to the components prior to the HOD. Delegates and Alternate Delegates need to be verified as to the individual’s current member status.  This information is then used by the Speaker of the HOD to make committee assignments.
    • Gives a report to the HOD. 

    Delegates and Alternate Delegates and ADHA Annual Session


    • Assist Bylaws, Resolutions and Policy Committee with any questions on Bylaw and Resolution changes made at ADHA during ADHA HOD.
    • Attend all sessions of ADHA HOD general sessions, reference committees, District caucuses, and workshops. Delegates have the power to represent this Association with the privilege of debate and vote. 
    • Present any suggestions or problems of this Association that may warrant consideration by ADHA.
    • Delegates vote on Trustee election at District III Caucus.
    • The Immediate Past President and President serve as ADHA Delegates, and the President Elect serves as the First Alternate Delegate. Additional delegates and alternate delegates to ADHA are elected from the membership-at-large.
    • Ensure representation at AS through encouraging the election of one alternate delegate for each delegate certified by ADHA and encourage his or her attendance at the AS of ADHA.
    • Delegates receive material from ADHA all year and should keep officers and appropriate committees informed of ADHA activities.
    • Serve as liaison on a year-round basis to provide feedback to ADHA on Constituent needs, activities and concerns.
    • Delegates should study assigned sections of the ADHA Manual and discuss prior to the ADHA as instructed by ADHA Central Office and/or District III Trustee.
    • Immediate Past President and President will submit online to ADHA Central Office a Constituent Annual Report of activities by the designated due date.
    • Delegates and Alternate Delegates attend the District III meeting held prior to the ADHA HOD to familiarize themselves with the ADHA Delegates Manual and Annual Report, and to gain feedback from other states within the District.
    • Delegates and Alternate Delegates attending District III meeting should have on hand the following materials:
      • ADHA Delegates Manual and Annual Reports.
      • ADHA Association Policy Manual.
    • VDHA MAY reimburse Delegates and Alternates basic registration fee, transportation and hotel for days that they are required to attend meetings for ADHA HOD. Everyone will turn in a “Reimbursement Request Form” to the VDHA Treasurer to be reimbursed.
    • Submit a report to the Head Delegate following ADHA Annual Session.
    • VDHA Delegates and Alternate Delegates are asked to review any and all ADHA PBY’s and PR’s that were passed and submit to the VDHA Bylaws and Policy Chair for Recommendation and consideration for VDHA.

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